Tracey Coleman

CURLFEST Marketing Director + Traveling Foodie

As both a writer and art director, Tracey uses her unique experience in beauty advertising to help spread the CURLFEST brand, events and mission around the globe.


Melody Henderson

CURLFEST Creative Director + Carnival Queen

A true fine artist with decades of experience in art direction and marketing, Melody is the design guru behind our logo and all things creative for the business.


Charisse Higgins

CURLFEST Chief Executive Officer + Culture Champion

A public-relations guru with a passion for culture, Charisse cultivates community relationships and leads the growth and development of the CURLFEST business.


Gia Lowe

Strategic Partnerships Director + Master Connector

An experienced account director with a gift of cultivating fruitful relationships, Gia is the client whisperer, responsible for connecting the right brands to the CURLFEST audience.


Simone Mair

CURLFEST Operations Director + Award-Winning Volunteer

An extensive background in both project management and technical support come in handy as Simone leads the business operations and festival production of CURLFEST.