Balancing Your Side-Hustle with Self Care

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CURLFEST comes to life each year with the help of a mostly-female team of women who work tirelessly before, during and after the festival to make it all happen. We sat down with Angeliah Clarke (LA) who worked CURLFEST New York to see how she balances her life as and entrepreneur and Mom of 4!

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

My name is Angeliah most people know me as @ange_liah on Instagram. I am also the founder of @Kinks2curls a blog built to educate woman by sharing natural hair tips & inspiration styles. I’m also a wife & stay at home Mom of 4. In 2014 I began blogging as a way to hold on to my individuality. I believe the SAHM crew will agree with me when I say, it’s very very easy to lose yourself. 

I knew early on that I needed a hobby, something for me. I had no clue my blogging would turn into my business. For the first time I can say I love going to work!

How do you maintain work/life balance?

I live for the me time I’ve created for myself in the mornings. I’m able to eat breakfast, sip my tea or even do something as simple as whipping out my Dove Body Mousse to shave my legs in peace. I’m also all about convenience so the fact that this one product doubles as a shaving cream and a body wash mousse is a plus.

I also don’t bite off more than I can chew. I help myself by creating a schedule that does not interfere my family. Starting my day earlier has been my saving grace.

Photo courtesy of Dove

Photo courtesy of Dove


How do you keep your skin glowing like that?

I meditate and stay out of mess! Now I know how funny that sounds haha but it’s so true. I protect my peace daily and anything that disturbs that will likely show up on my face. Ever had a stress breakout? It’s real trust me! Hydration is also key for me. I literally only drink water or wine, mostly water. 

What (or who) keeps you smiling outside of work?

My Husband & Kids.

What do you think about the Crown Act

I believe every woman should be free to wear her hair however she feels comfortable and confident! I remember working for a bank and having to constantly straighten my hair for it to meet their standards of presentable. I felt so liberated when I finally chopped it all off to begin my healthy hair journey. It’s about time a law was passed to end discrimination on our hair texture/hairstyles in the work place. 

What was your favorite part of CURLFEST New York? 

I would have to say my favorite part about CURLFEST would be seeing the creativity in everyone’s hairstyles & outfits. Trust me I know it takes time, months even to pick the right outfit and hairstyle for this festival or is that just me? 

Did you know Curly Girl Collective was behind CURLFEST before you came to work?

I knew the women of Curly Girl Collective were behind CURLFEST after my first time attending. Like most people once you attend you want to know who’s behind something so HUGE so DOPE so EMPOWERING! I love that five women come together to create something that was needed within our community. 

What's next for you?

Crushing every single one of my goals and making myself proud. Growing in my business including relationships with my clients. 

Thanks for chatting with us Angeliah! You can keep up with her new life in LA at @ange_liah on Instagram!

Tracey Coleman