General Event Photographer:
Responsible for capturing our guests, the crowd, sponsor activations, and overall details.

Portrait / Lifestyle Photographer:
Responsible for capturing portraits of guests, hairstyles, and general vibe.

VIP Step + Repeat Photographer:
Responsible for capturing festival VIPs and press in front of the official CURLFEST® step and repeat.

Photo Booth Photographer:
Responsible for capturing guests at the official CURLFEST® Photo Booth.


General Event Videographer:

  • Responsible for capturing the overall event including setup, sponsor activations, special features, and vibe.

  • Final deliverable is a teaser video (0:15-0:30) and a full length video (3:00 - 4:00).

CURLFEST Curl Confessional Videographer

  • Responsible for capturing "man on the street style" testimonials from festival guests.

  • Final deliverable is a teaser video (0:15-0:30) and a full length video (3:00 - 4:00).

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